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Come & Get It

On Farm Food

Whether it is a dinner bell or the classic “chuckwagon” style triangle, people on farms across the country have heard the ringing and accompanying cry of “Come and get it!” as the call to a great farm-fresh meal. These days it is not only the farm-hands rushing to the dinner table – our region is home to the pioneers of on-farm dining! Just a few hours driving can bring you to well over a dozen “Pizza-Farms” and other spots serving the freshest imaginable food. You can sign up for a Dinner on the Farm and celebrate local food right at the source!

Check out our Come and Get It listings to find great places to eat on the farm!

Come & Get It! provides training and resources and promotion to farmers launching farm-based food businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Led by the award-winning Renewing the Countryside, this project is in partnership with the MISA, Farm Commons and Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, co-authors of Homemade for Sale. For more information visit the project page.